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************************ 30 Jun 2016 ***********************



No. Simply, just no.


I bought this product at a discount, provided that I’d leave an honest review, and I am sorry, but I will!


This product is not fit for its purpose.

It’s meant to be a baby rattle, but I’d discourage any parent –or parent to be–, from buying/using this!

At a distance the rattle might seem safe, but on closer inspection,

it really isn’t.

The ears of the creature are glued on, seemingly very unsecure.

The big blobs of glue are visible all around the ears, and knowing

babies and how they like to jam their teeth onto anything, they could

easily bite on/around the ears and snap them off, turning them into

a massive choking hazard!

Other than the ears being a firm no go, the flimsy way this rattle is

constructed, I wouldn’t trust any child alone near this toy.

It might be something to give to the cats, but even that leaves me



As the star rating goes from one to five (using Amazons’ guide), I can’t give this product any less than one star, but even that is a star too many.

These rattles should be banned from sale.


Try it yourself, and let me know how you liked it!: Seguryy 1pc Cartoon Wooden Rattle

************************ 20 May 2016 ***********************



Guys, if you've come onto this review by mistake, you might want to click away, or if you've come onto this review with intrigue, you might want to scroll down anyway, if you want to keep some of the mystery of your relationship.

Girls, beware of some TMI!

Upon receiving this product, I was actually looking forward to my period, for what might be the first time ever! Because, be honest, who really does want to be on their period?

A little while ago, I decided to stop using tampons. I've read a lot of stories about girls getting sepsis (blood poisoning) and even dying from using tampons. I didn't want to be one of the statistics, so switched over to using sanitary pads. But my god, are they horrible!

They feel like wearing a nappy, or miniature mattress in your underwear. Some of them are slim, but on heavy days, the bulky one are needed. Nice clothes can’t be worn, because they very clearly show, so looking like a slob in trousers that are at least one size to big feels almost like the only option.

The whole thing is just a nightmare! –I guess you can see now why I was looking forward to using something that promised to be unnoticeable, and would not lead to death!


On the first day the spotting started, which is usual the day before my full flow,

I was quick to get the Vida Cup out of the box, make sure it was clean,

and ready to insert it.

According to the instructions in the box, it’s meant to be folded into a

‘C’ shape, for easy insertion.

Being a little dry, with only a few spots up until now, it was a little

struggle to get in. But once inserted I came to my next problem.

It wouldn’t unfold!

I had to poke around in there until I felt the pop of it unfolding.


All was good during the time I had it inserted, until I came to the

point of wanting to empty it.

There is no way of knowing how full it is… which is the same for

tampons I suppose.

I went into the bathroom, and to my shock it had kind of vacuum

sucked itself to my insides! After a little panic, I managed to get a

proper hold of it by inserting two fingers and grabbing onto the sides

(it would not budge by just pulling on the little tug at the bottom).

When the Vida Cup finally came out, it came out with such force

–the vacuum popping loose– that there was a loud ‘plop’ and blood actually splattered onto my wall. Urgh.

After cleaning the Vida Cup, reinserting it, and cleaning my bathroom, I decided that the only option was to take out, and reinsert the Vida Cup only during showers, so that big ‘plops’ would be washed away instantly.

During a very heavy flow, this would be almost impossible, as you’d be showering 3 to four times a day, (the instructions even say that during a heavy flow you might need to empty the cup 3 to 5 times a day) but during a normal flow, a shower in the morning to clean and replace the cup, and a shower in the evening, is no problem.


Vida Cup Pros:

You don’t notice it is up there. At all!

Very comfortable, and means you can do what you want without even having to think of your period.

No more using pads or tampons.

No longer spending money every single month on sanitary products.


Vida Cup Cons:

Can be hard to insert.

If the Vida Cup doesn't unfold like mine did, you have to dig deep.

Vacuum sucks itself, so (in my experience) a shower is needed every time it is to be emptied.

No way of knowing how full it is.


Unfortunaly I could only give this product 4 out of 5 stars.

The idea of it would've given it 5 stars, but it's just too messy!

Try it for yourself, and let me know how you liked it! Vida Cup

************************ 24 Jan. 2016 ***********************


This product is an absolute lifesaver!

I recently bought one as a Christmas present for someone who is constantly losing his keys and wallet. After months, and maybe even years, of running through the house like a headless chicken, pulling the place apart looking for his keys. All he has to do now is press a little button on the receiver, and his time is no longer wasted by looking for his possessions!


When I recently received an unsolicited request by the seller to receive

another one of their Click ‘n Dig Key Finders in return for an unbiased

review, I didn’t hesitate! The response I got back from the Christmas

present I had given was so good, that I felt like I needed one for myself.

It doesn’t happen a lot, but when I do lose my handbag, it is usually well

and truly lost within the house. It’s happened on occasions where it’s

ended up in the fridge or freezer, when packing away the shopping,

and other odd places like that.


The range on the transmitter is perfect, even if the receiver is upstairs,

(or hidden behind the closed door of the fridge!) and the button on the

transmitter is pressed downstairs, it can still be heard.

The receivers doesn’t only transmit sound, they also transmit a little red light. Meaning objects can also be found in the dark, so when keys fall behind cupboards or closets, they can still be traced.


As a bonus, this product comes with spare batteries for both the transmitter and receivers!

5 out of 5 stars!

Get a Key finder yourself at Amazon!

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