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************************ 06 Jul 2016 ***********************



This part of flesh shows a completely different side to Lucian, one where

he's carefree and fun with Amy. However, he soon turns back to his usual

self and leaves Amy hurt and confused again.


Although this part is a bit too ‘rapey’ for me, Amy seemed to enjoy it, or at

least tried to…


Possible Spoiler!!

At Fleshfest, Amy's roommate finds something out about Lucian, but

before she can tell Amy, she passes out from all the booze and the

excitement of the evening, leaving Amy to wonder what Lucian's secret could be.


Read it yourself, and let me know how you liked it! Flesh Part 6

************************ 04 Jul 2016 ***********************



Sky shows us more of Amy’s desires. She wants Lucian, yet doesn’t want him.

When he finally asks her to his house again to go over furniture and their new

lay-out, she sets him straight. She tells him she’s just there to do her job, and if

he doesn’t agree with that, she can get Derrick to finish what she started.

There will be no more sex, that’s not what she’s there for.

Yet before she leaves, he invites her to Fleshfest, somewhere she never

thought she’d go, but her emotions are stronger than her rational side.

Inviting her best friend Janice to come with her, they go shopping for special

outfits together, before attending Fleshfest together.

But once there, Amy wishes she’d never gone, as she sees something she

wishes she’d never seen.


Read it yourself, and let me know how you liked it! Flesh Part 5

************************ 01 Jul 2016 ***********************




Although a very short read, I finished it in just over half an hour. This story is filled with passion, intrigue and mystery, and leaves you hanging for more!

It’s the perfect introduction to a bigger story, and leaves you wondering just who and what killed Mr. West.

The next story isn’t out yet, but I can tell you now, once you’ve read this one,

you’ll be begging for more!


This story starts with Emma recovering from ‘something’ at her mother’s house

in Palm Springs. All we know at this point in the story, is that she’s made up a

story of falling through glass, but no-one really knows what has really

happened to her yet.


I picked up this story as a freebie, and having not yet read

Gilt: By Invitation Only (Gilt Series Book 1) I’m not sure if that’ll explain more.

But the questions still lead, who killed Mr. West? what will happen to Emma

and Jameson? Will Leighton come out of the coma to help the pair,

and who is ‘The Dealer’?


I would’ve given this story 5 stars because it really is intriguing, but the fact that it feels way too short, and is labelled as ‘Teen/Young Adult’, which it really shouldn’t be, makes me give it only 4.



Read it yourself, and let me know how you liked it! Summer of Scandal: A Gilt Short

************************ 27 Jun 2016 ***********************




I have never read any of the Twilight books, I bought them, put them on the ‘to be read pile’, but when the first film came out, and I still hadn’t read the book, I decided to watch the film instead.


While I didn’t particularly like Twilight Eclipse (Twilight Part 3) –Edward was way too pushy and controlling!– there was one thing I did really like in Eclipse, someone that stood out in between all the chaos of the wolves and the vampires. That was little shy Bree Tanner, hiding behind the Cullens in the field.

So imagine my surprise when I walked into a bookshop, and found The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner on the shelves!

I didn’t hesitate and bought it instantly, a buy I do not regret!


It’s a short-ish story, coming in at just under 180 pages, but it’s a perfect length

for a story of this kind. A story you can’t put down, or won’t want to put down.

It’s readable in a day, and I suggest you start early enough, put your feet up and

get someone else to make you food and drinks, so you don’t have to walk away

from it.


The story starts with the naïve and shy Bree, as she’s just starting her ‘second

life’. A life in which she shies away from the other vampires, a life in which she’d

much more prefer to read than to kill. But she has to, she has no choice if she


want to starve.

On one of her outings, she gets to know Diego. He becomes her protector, and

shows her that all the myths she believed about vampires, everything that her creator has taught her, is a lie.

Knowing what she knows now, and scared of the other vampires, she also creates a bond with Fred. A vampire no-one seems to like, no-one seems to be able to get near or look at. He gives her the protection she craves to feel somewhat safe in a house full of unruly monsters.


Already knowing how Bree’s story would end from seeing Eclipse, I wondered if it would spoil the book for me. But I am surprised to say it didn’t!

Even when the Volturi came, I couldn’t put the book down.


Read it yourself, and let me know how you liked it! The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

************************ 05 Jun 2016 ***********************



Amy's raw emotions are very well portrayed by Sky Corgan and can be easily identified with, but I'm starting to think of Lucian more and more as an a-hole! By the end of the story I felt a strong urge to punch him.

Derrick managed to hit Amy and her feeling right on the head in this story,

but there’s nothing he can do to stop her going back to the man she still

fantasises about.


Even though Lucian can come across as a real d*ck,

I'm really liking this series.


Unfortunately I can only give this part of the story 4 out of 5 stars,

but that's mainly because I wanted to hit Lucian so hard, I actually

had the urge to throw my Kindle across the room a few times!

Read it yourself, and let me know how you liked it! Flesh Part 4

************************ 23 May 2016 ***********************



Since almost messing up their first consultation with Dr. Lucian Riddick, the Dom she met at Flesh, Amy gets a second chance at a good impression when he invites her to come back over to

his house to finish making the pictures she set out to make that morning.


Shortly after arriving, the Dom character comes out of Lucian to play and

he takes Amy on a rollercoaster of emotions, in which she wants him,

and at the same time she doesn’t want him. Yet, knowing not only her

emotions are at stake here, but also a possible contract with a very well

off client, she goes ahead with whatever Dr. Riddick wants, telling herself

that it is all for her boss and her co-workers.

Lucian turns from arrogant pr*ck, to a sweet man that takes care of her

after she hurts herself, to a dismissive c*nt.


Sky managed to make Flesh 3 another page turner,

and I can’t give her anything other than 5 stars again!

Read it yourself, and let me know how you liked it! Flesh Part 3

************************ 16 May 2016 ***********************



The intro into part 2 sucks you right back into the story.

The dreams, the need, the want. It’s very, very well done. Almost to the point of

addictive, and feeling that addiction together with Amy.


This part introduces Amy’s work environment, and her gay co-worker/

gay boyfriend, Derrick.

He gives the story a fun twist. His character brings out the best in Amy,

picking her up when she’s down and filling her with confidence when

she needs it.


When Derrick lands a new client, he persuades their boss to let Amy

help him out.

Together they set off for a consultation with their new mystery client,

Lucian Riddick, Plastic Surgeon to the stars.

Knowing nothing about their client, Amy comes in to a surprise when

Lucien opens the door for them to redecorate his entire house!


Instead of hot, this part of Flesh is funny. It actually made me laugh out loud at the cookie scene!

Don’t get me wrong, there is still enough tension, but the heat –I am sure– is left for part 3!


5 out of 5 stars for Sky Corgan again!

Check it out for yourself!; Flesh Part 2

************************ 24 Jan. 2016 ***********************



Flesh part one is hot from the start.

Sky Corgan, as always, sets the scene perfectly. The main character,

Amy, is at her first BDSM party. Sitting in a room, in nothing but her

baby doll lingerie, she anxiously awaits the Dom that has been assigned to her.


Sky manages to perfectly capture the emotions of someone with

body confidence issues, making part one of the Flesh series feel

so real, that reading the next instalment is almost a must!


5 out of 5 stars for Flesh 1!

Check it out for yourself!; Flesh Part 1



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