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************************ 06 Jul 2016 ***********************



This part of flesh shows a completely different side to Lucian, one where

he's carefree and fun with Amy. However, he soon turns back to his usual

self and leaves Amy hurt and confused again.


Although this part is a bit too ‘rapey’ for me, Amy seemed to enjoy it, or at

least tried to…


Possible Spoiler!!

At Fleshfest, Amy's roommate finds something out about Lucian, but

before she can tell Amy, she passes out from all the booze and the

excitement of the evening, leaving Amy to wonder what Lucian's secret could be.


Read it yourself, and let me know how you liked it! Flesh Part 6

************************ 05 Jul 2016 ***********************



I had been looking forward to this movie for months! But the anticipation quickly left when I started watching.

At a length of 3 hours (The Extended Cut), I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it, because let’s face it, I fell asleep during Titanic, The Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit. All long films.


And if it wasn’t for the fact that I had been looking forward to this film for so long, I probably wouldn’t have made it!

The real action doesn’t start until Batman finally comes out in his Bat mobile

–about an hour into the film! Anything before that just felt like filler! But once

that Bat mobile came out, oh man, was I hooked! The film suddenly made a

360 degree turn around. Instead of boring filler, a back story that –although

kind of had to be told– could’ve been dealt with a lot quicker, the film became

what everyone was expecting. It was action packed, it was full of

Batman V Superman standoffs, not just between the two characters, but

between the whole population of Gotham. Suddenly this film became one of

the best I’ve ever seen!


The only two downfalls of this film were Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor,

–one of the best actors I’ve seen in a long time btw– but his character

reminded me too much of Heath Ledger as The Joker. It was like his whole character was based upon him. It was very distracting!

The second downfall was that Batman got changed to save Martha. He has such a cool, albeit half broken, uniform after Superman smashed the crap out of him. Alas, when he got back in his Bat plane, he was back to his inferior Bat suit.


If I could give this more than five stars I definitely would!

Watch it yourself, and let me know how you liked it!: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

************************ 04 Jul 2016 ***********************



Sky shows us more of Amy’s desires. She wants Lucian, yet doesn’t want him.

When he finally asks her to his house again to go over furniture and their new

lay-out, she sets him straight. She tells him she’s just there to do her job, and if

he doesn’t agree with that, she can get Derrick to finish what she started.

There will be no more sex, that’s not what she’s there for.

Yet before she leaves, he invites her to Fleshfest, somewhere she never

thought she’d go, but her emotions are stronger than her rational side.

Inviting her best friend Janice to come with her, they go shopping for special

outfits together, before attending Fleshfest together.

But once there, Amy wishes she’d never gone, as she sees something she

wishes she’d never seen.


Read it yourself, and let me know how you liked it! Flesh Part 5

************************ 01 Jul 2016 ***********************




Although a very short read, I finished it in just over half an hour. This story is filled with passion, intrigue and mystery, and leaves you hanging for more!

It’s the perfect introduction to a bigger story, and leaves you wondering just who and what killed Mr. West.

The next story isn’t out yet, but I can tell you now, once you’ve read this one,

you’ll be begging for more!


This story starts with Emma recovering from ‘something’ at her mother’s house

in Palm Springs. All we know at this point in the story, is that she’s made up a

story of falling through glass, but no-one really knows what has really

happened to her yet.


I picked up this story as a freebie, and having not yet read

Gilt: By Invitation Only (Gilt Series Book 1) I’m not sure if that’ll explain more.

But the questions still lead, who killed Mr. West? what will happen to Emma

and Jameson? Will Leighton come out of the coma to help the pair,

and who is ‘The Dealer’?


I would’ve given this story 5 stars because it really is intriguing, but the fact that it feels way too short, and is labelled as ‘Teen/Young Adult’, which it really shouldn’t be, makes me give it only 4.



Read it yourself, and let me know how you liked it! Summer of Scandal: A Gilt Short

************************ 30 Jun 2016 ***********************



No. Simply, just no.


I bought this product at a discount, provided that I’d leave an honest review, and I am sorry, but I will!


This product is not fit for its purpose.

It’s meant to be a baby rattle, but I’d discourage any parent –or parent to be–, from buying/using this!

At a distance the rattle might seem safe, but on closer inspection,

it really isn’t.

The ears of the creature are glued on, seemingly very unsecure.

The big blobs of glue are visible all around the ears, and knowing

babies and how they like to jam their teeth onto anything, they could

easily bite on/around the ears and snap them off, turning them into

a massive choking hazard!

Other than the ears being a firm no go, the flimsy way this rattle is

constructed, I wouldn’t trust any child alone near this toy.

It might be something to give to the cats, but even that leaves me



As the star rating goes from one to five (using Amazons’ guide), I can’t give this product any less than one star, but even that is a star too many.

These rattles should be banned from sale.


Try it yourself, and let me know how you liked it!: Seguryy 1pc Cartoon Wooden Rattle

************************ 28 Jun 2016 ***********************



Four magicians –all with distinctly different abilities– are mysteriously invited through Tarot cards to an apartment building. Once there, they meet each other while waiting in front of the locked door. However, the door doesn’t stay locked for long, as one of them opens it with ease.

Inside the seemingly empty apartment, they set off a series of events which in turn shows them blueprints.


They are put together to perform a series of shows as ‘The Four Horsemen’.

They’re the shows of a lifetime, where they’ll rob a bank while life on stage in

the middle of a fully packed hotel, treating the audience to the stolen monies.


After their first show, in which they stole millions from a bank in Paris, while

performing in Las Vegas, they are arrested in their hotel room, yet are all let

free due to a lack of evidence.

With Interpol now high on their heels, they manage to evade and escape the

detectives with their tricks.


The film includes comedy, mystery and action. All in all it makes for a fun and

intriguing watch, and I’ll definitely be watching the second and third instalments.


Spoiler Alert!

In reality, the four magicians are actually just very clever con-men/woman, with incredible capabilities of fooling everyone right in front of their faces.

Still, it doesn’t matter knowing they’re conning everyone, you’re still pulled in to watch every new trick to see what they’ll pull off.


Watch it yourself, and let me know how you liked it!: Now You See Me

************************ 27 Jun 2016 ***********************




I have never read any of the Twilight books, I bought them, put them on the ‘to be read pile’, but when the first film came out, and I still hadn’t read the book, I decided to watch the film instead.


While I didn’t particularly like Twilight Eclipse (Twilight Part 3) –Edward was way too pushy and controlling!– there was one thing I did really like in Eclipse, someone that stood out in between all the chaos of the wolves and the vampires. That was little shy Bree Tanner, hiding behind the Cullens in the field.

So imagine my surprise when I walked into a bookshop, and found The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner on the shelves!

I didn’t hesitate and bought it instantly, a buy I do not regret!


It’s a short-ish story, coming in at just under 180 pages, but it’s a perfect length

for a story of this kind. A story you can’t put down, or won’t want to put down.

It’s readable in a day, and I suggest you start early enough, put your feet up and

get someone else to make you food and drinks, so you don’t have to walk away

from it.


The story starts with the naïve and shy Bree, as she’s just starting her ‘second

life’. A life in which she shies away from the other vampires, a life in which she’d

much more prefer to read than to kill. But she has to, she has no choice if she


want to starve.

On one of her outings, she gets to know Diego. He becomes her protector, and

shows her that all the myths she believed about vampires, everything that her creator has taught her, is a lie.

Knowing what she knows now, and scared of the other vampires, she also creates a bond with Fred. A vampire no-one seems to like, no-one seems to be able to get near or look at. He gives her the protection she craves to feel somewhat safe in a house full of unruly monsters.


Already knowing how Bree’s story would end from seeing Eclipse, I wondered if it would spoil the book for me. But I am surprised to say it didn’t!

Even when the Volturi came, I couldn’t put the book down.


Read it yourself, and let me know how you liked it! The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

************************ 06 Jun 2016 ***********************



When Mac Radner (Seth Rogen - The Interview / Knocked Up) and Kelly Radner (Rose Byrne - Insidious / I Give It a Year)

move into their new house, they never expected to live next to

the neighbors from hell.

Yet that is exactly what happens when a sorority moves in next

door shortly after.


Trying to be the ‘cool couple’, they greet their new neighbors

with promises of weed and a ‘keep it cool, but keep it quiet,’ policy.

Being a sorority though, keeping things quiet isn’t a priority when

all they want to do is to throw legendary parties.


After calling the cops on their teenage neighbors, things turn for

bad to worse, making this a very funny and enjoyable film to watch!

Downright hilarious at times, I can’t give it anything other than five stars, and cannot wait until the second part!


Watch it yourself, and let me know how you liked it!: Bad Neighbours / Neighbors

************************ 05 Jun 2016 ***********************



Amy's raw emotions are very well portrayed by Sky Corgan and can be easily identified with, but I'm starting to think of Lucian more and more as an a-hole! By the end of the story I felt a strong urge to punch him.

Derrick managed to hit Amy and her feeling right on the head in this story,

but there’s nothing he can do to stop her going back to the man she still

fantasises about.


Even though Lucian can come across as a real d*ck,

I'm really liking this series.


Unfortunately I can only give this part of the story 4 out of 5 stars,

but that's mainly because I wanted to hit Lucian so hard, I actually

had the urge to throw my Kindle across the room a few times!

Read it yourself, and let me know how you liked it! Flesh Part 4

************************ 01 Jun 2016 ***********************



Jason Kelly (Zac Efron - Neighbors / 17 Again), is tricked into consoling Dick Kelly (Robert De Niro - The Intern / Meet the Parents); the grandfather he’s been distanced from for many years, after the funeral of his grandmother.


Dick Kelly wants nothing more than to f*ck someone young and free after

a lifetime of marriage, and gets Jason into heaps of trouble to reach his goal.


All Jason wants is to deliver his granddad Dick to his destination and be rid

of him to get back home and marry Meredith (Julianne Hough), who’s wedding

was set within two weeks of the funeral.


Dreading he won’t make it in time, Jason frets around, getting increasingly

agitated by his granddad to just go where they were meant to go, and get

the h*ll out.

Dick realises his grandson is too uptight and getting ready to marry the wrong

girl, making him do whatever it takes to stop the wedding without Jason

realising it.


This comedy is a fun watch, something to laugh at while there’s nothing better on TV.

The plot isn’t that original though, and the profanities could’ve been a LOT less! A film doesn’t need a swearword a minute to be funny.

But to be fair, it's all relative. While I didn't enjoy this film as much as I thought I would, my OH was rolling on the floor laughing!


Watch it yourself, and let me know how you liked it!: Dirty Grandpa

************************ 23 May 2016 ***********************



Since almost messing up their first consultation with Dr. Lucian Riddick, the Dom she met at Flesh, Amy gets a second chance at a good impression when he invites her to come back over to

his house to finish making the pictures she set out to make that morning.


Shortly after arriving, the Dom character comes out of Lucian to play and

he takes Amy on a rollercoaster of emotions, in which she wants him,

and at the same time she doesn’t want him. Yet, knowing not only her

emotions are at stake here, but also a possible contract with a very well

off client, she goes ahead with whatever Dr. Riddick wants, telling herself

that it is all for her boss and her co-workers.

Lucian turns from arrogant pr*ck, to a sweet man that takes care of her

after she hurts herself, to a dismissive c*nt.


Sky managed to make Flesh 3 another page turner,

and I can’t give her anything other than 5 stars again!

Read it yourself, and let me know how you liked it! Flesh Part 3

************************ 20 May 2016 ***********************



Guys, if you've come onto this review by mistake, you might want to click away, or if you've come onto this review with intrigue, you might want to scroll down anyway, if you want to keep some of the mystery of your relationship.

Girls, beware of some TMI!

Upon receiving this product, I was actually looking forward to my period, for what might be the first time ever! Because, be honest, who really does want to be on their period?

A little while ago, I decided to stop using tampons. I've read a lot of stories about girls getting sepsis (blood poisoning) and even dying from using tampons. I didn't want to be one of the statistics, so switched over to using sanitary pads. But my god, are they horrible!

They feel like wearing a nappy, or miniature mattress in your underwear. Some of them are slim, but on heavy days, the bulky one are needed. Nice clothes can’t be worn, because they very clearly show, so looking like a slob in trousers that are at least one size to big feels almost like the only option.

The whole thing is just a nightmare! –I guess you can see now why I was looking forward to using something that promised to be unnoticeable, and would not lead to death!


On the first day the spotting started, which is usual the day before my full flow,

I was quick to get the Vida Cup out of the box, make sure it was clean,

and ready to insert it.

According to the instructions in the box, it’s meant to be folded into a

‘C’ shape, for easy insertion.

Being a little dry, with only a few spots up until now, it was a little

struggle to get in. But once inserted I came to my next problem.

It wouldn’t unfold!

I had to poke around in there until I felt the pop of it unfolding.


All was good during the time I had it inserted, until I came to the

point of wanting to empty it.

There is no way of knowing how full it is… which is the same for

tampons I suppose.

I went into the bathroom, and to my shock it had kind of vacuum

sucked itself to my insides! After a little panic, I managed to get a

proper hold of it by inserting two fingers and grabbing onto the sides

(it would not budge by just pulling on the little tug at the bottom).

When the Vida Cup finally came out, it came out with such force

–the vacuum popping loose– that there was a loud ‘plop’ and blood actually splattered onto my wall. Urgh.

After cleaning the Vida Cup, reinserting it, and cleaning my bathroom, I decided that the only option was to take out, and reinsert the Vida Cup only during showers, so that big ‘plops’ would be washed away instantly.

During a very heavy flow, this would be almost impossible, as you’d be showering 3 to four times a day, (the instructions even say that during a heavy flow you might need to empty the cup 3 to 5 times a day) but during a normal flow, a shower in the morning to clean and replace the cup, and a shower in the evening, is no problem.


Vida Cup Pros:

You don’t notice it is up there. At all!

Very comfortable, and means you can do what you want without even having to think of your period.

No more using pads or tampons.

No longer spending money every single month on sanitary products.


Vida Cup Cons:

Can be hard to insert.

If the Vida Cup doesn't unfold like mine did, you have to dig deep.

Vacuum sucks itself, so (in my experience) a shower is needed every time it is to be emptied.

No way of knowing how full it is.


Unfortunaly I could only give this product 4 out of 5 stars.

The idea of it would've given it 5 stars, but it's just too messy!

Try it for yourself, and let me know how you liked it! Vida Cup


************************ 18 May 2016 ***********************



Graphically brutal from start to finish, this story is not for the faint hearted!

If you can’t handle blood, graphic killings –of both people and animals–, this film is NOT for you!

I didn’t actually keep track of the time, but the brutality and bloodshed started at

about 3 or 4 minutes in, with the first person to die receiving an arrow to the

forehead from Indians invading their camp.


Astonishingly good acting from Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic,

The Wolf of Wall Street) who plays Hugh Glass!

Granted, during part of the film all he does is lying down,

but even then, the acting he does with only his facial expressions

is immensely powerful. Portraying both the physical and emotional

pain he’s going through with such a gripping performance, I am not

at all surprised that he received an Oscar

(Finally – he’s waited long enough!).


Without revealing too many spoilers, I’ll try and tell you a bit more!

After being attacked by a wild bear, Glass’ luck turns from bad to

worse, as his crew leaves him for dead.

Left with a broken body, and having lost his reason for living, his strength

comes in the form of vengeance, the strongest force that pulls him through every obstacle in his path.

I don’t want to tell you much more, in case I ruin it for you! But if you’re into survival films, this one is definitely one you need to watch!


Watch it yourself, and let me know how you liked it!: The Revenant


************************ 16 May 2016 ***********************



The intro into part 2 sucks you right back into the story.

The dreams, the need, the want. It’s very, very well done. Almost to the point of

addictive, and feeling that addiction together with Amy.


This part introduces Amy’s work environment, and her gay co-worker/

gay boyfriend, Derrick.

He gives the story a fun twist. His character brings out the best in Amy,

picking her up when she’s down and filling her with confidence when

she needs it.


When Derrick lands a new client, he persuades their boss to let Amy

help him out.

Together they set off for a consultation with their new mystery client,

Lucian Riddick, Plastic Surgeon to the stars.

Knowing nothing about their client, Amy comes in to a surprise when

Lucien opens the door for them to redecorate his entire house!


Instead of hot, this part of Flesh is funny. It actually made me laugh out loud at the cookie scene!

Don’t get me wrong, there is still enough tension, but the heat –I am sure– is left for part 3!


5 out of 5 stars for Sky Corgan again!

Read it yourself, and let me know how you liked it! Flesh Part 2

************************12 Apr. 2016 ***********************



Culling out the people you hate the most, without any retribution, wouldn’t that be anyone’s dream? I know what my answer to that would be…


But I’m not sure if the notion of a purge; one 12 hour night a year -7 pm until 7 am- is either sick or ingenious.


This film shows one family during the purge.

Trying to stay together during the 12 hours, trying to keep it together.

Trying to stay alive, while all hell breaks loose around them.

But when there’s a daughter that lets her suspicious boyfriend in just before

midnight,and a son who lets a stranger, crying for help after being hurt, into

the house, who knows what might happen.

Dubious shadows keep moving in doorways, are they the boyfriend or the

stranger? Is the family safe?

And who are the dozen people moving ever closer to their house with axes

and other weapons.


When the family encounters the intruders on their lawn, their power gets cut,

and it seems like they are f*cked. Will they be able to protect themselves?


This movie shows the downside of 12 hours of a lawlessness and portraits

the worst that can happen.


4 out of 5 stars; It's a okay film, but with an original story line I haven't seen before, turning this from an average 3 stars to 4 stars. This is a thriller/slight horror, with some unexpected twists.

Watch it yourself, and let me know how you liked it!: The Purge

************************ 31 Jan. 2016 ***********************



A feel good film.


When 70- year old Ben Whittaker; Robert De Niro (Meet the Parents, Limitless)

finds out that being a pensioner isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and comes across

an ad for a start-up e-commerce fashion company looking for retired people as

interns, he doesn’t hesitate to apply.

Appointed as the personal intern to the head of the company, Jules; Anne

Hathaway (Les Misérables, Alice in Wonderland), he has some challenges ahead,

as she’s not the easiest of people to deal with.


Slowly they warm to each other, and Ben, being the perfect gentleman that he is,

gets Jules to open up to him in ways that she wouldn’t with other employees.

4 out of 5 stars; It's a good film, with some well executed emotions, but predictable.

Watch it yourself, and let me know how you liked it!: The Intern

************************ 24 Jan. 2016 ***********************


This product is an absolute lifesaver!

I recently bought one as a Christmas present for someone who is constantly losing his keys and wallet. After months, and maybe even years, of running through the house like a headless chicken, pulling the place apart looking for his keys. All he has to do now is press a little button on the receiver, and his time

is no longer wasted by looking for his possessions!


When I recently received an unsolicited request by the seller to receive

another one of their Click ‘n Dig Key Finders in return for an unbiased

review, I didn’t hesitate! The response I got back from the Christmas

present I had given was so good, that I felt like I needed one for myself.

It doesn’t happen a lot, but when I do lose my handbag, it is usually well

and truly lost within the house. It’s happened on occasions where it’s

ended up in the fridge or freezer, when packing away the shopping,

and other odd places like that.


The range on the transmitter is perfect, even if the receiver is upstairs,

(or hidden behind the closed door of the fridge!) and the button on the

transmitter is pressed downstairs, it can still be heard.

The receivers doesn’t only transmit sound, they also transmit a little red light. Meaning objects can also be found in the dark, so when keys fall behind cupboards or closets, they can still be traced.


As a bonus, this product comes with spare batteries for both the transmitter and receivers!

5 out of 5 stars!

Get a Key finder yourself at Amazon!

************************ 17 Jan. 2016 ***********************


The Martian


Mark Watney; Space Pirate.


The Martian is a movie adaptation by Ridley Scott (Exodus: Gods and Kings, Before I Go to Sleep), based on the self-published book of the same name by Andy Weir.


Mark Watney’s crew - Melissa Lewis; Jessica Chastain (The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, Zero Dark Thirty), and Rick Martinez; Michael Peña (End of Watch, 30 Minutes or Less) among others, have to leave Mars during a Martian storm. Thinking Mark is dead, they leave him behind.

However, after the crew has left the planet, Mark regains consciousness

and is now faced with a race against time for survival.

Knowing he has only a quarter of the supplies needed until the next

mission to Mars, he has to ration and find ways to survive on a

planet that is seen as uninhabitable.


As the main actor, Mark; Matt Damon (The Bourne Identity,

The Adjustment Bureau), does a thoroughly good job in keeping

you hooked. The dialogue is mainly one sided, with Mark communicating

through his webcam, over a chat program and aloud to himself,

or even in his head.


Obviously, never having visited Mars, but having seen the images

in the news sent back from the Mars Rover amongst others.

The terrain in the film looks surprisingly real, and makes you believe

you really are on Mars when watching it.


But, lovers of Comedy, don’t be fooled by The Martian’s recent win

of a Golden Globe for ‘Best Comedy’! This film has some funny

moments, (Spoiler alert!:) when, for example, Mark almost sets his crop and himself on fire when trying to grow food. However, The Martian is by no means a comedy film.

5/5 Stars!

Watch it yourself, and let me know how you liked it!: The Martian


************************ 24 Jan. 2016 ***********************



Flesh part one is hot from the start.

Sky Corgan, as always, sets the scene perfectly. The main character,

Amy, is at her first BDSM party. Sitting in a room, in nothing but her

baby doll lingerie, she anxiously awaits the Dom that has been assigned to her.


Sky manages to perfectly capture the emotions of someone with

body confidence issues, making part one of the Flesh series feel

so real, that reading the next instalment is almost a must!


5 out of 5 stars for Flesh 1!

Read it yourself, and let me know how you liked it! Flesh Part 1


************************13 Apr. 2016 ***********************



It still baffles me how a hormone like Melatonin –something that’s made by our body on a daily basis–, can be made into an inhalable form.

I’m not a scientist, nothing close to it in fact, it was one of my worst subjects in school! But I suppose it’s a bit like insulin, something that is made by the body as well, but certain people still need supplements for it.


However it works, it does work!

Yet I cannot discount a possible placebo effect.


Just because I fall asleep shortly after inhaling my Nutrovape,

(the average time it takes any human to fall asleep is 7 minutes),

does not necessarily mean that it works, it could be a placebo

making me think I’m sleepy, and fooling my brain.

That’s not to say it doesn’t work though! Placebo or not, if you have

sleeping problems, the Nutrovape is definitely worth a try!


It has a deliciously calming taste, I can’t put my finger on what it is,

but it’s very nice and relaxing!


The taste of the Nutrovape Energy on the other hand, is easy to distinguish.

The Nutrovape Energy (sent within the package for me to test and review) has a slight hint of eucalyptus. It’s mildly sweet and very refreshing.

Definitely puts a spring in your step!


As a secondary use, (to my complete surprise!) although there is absolutely no nicotine inside either inhaler; because they have the feel of an e-ciggarette, to my surprise I am now smoking less.

With the use of these inhalers, I guess I’m giving my brain the sense that I am smoking from time to time, when in fact I am not.


All in all, you can sleep better, have more energy during the day, and if you’re a smoker, it might even make you smoke less!

What more could you want?


Try it for yourself, and let me know how you liked it! Nutrovape Inhalable Sleep Aid

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